torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2016

Internet ja onnistunut vakoilu


"In getting a large group or a group of many nationalities work out well, one should classify views, influencies, people's countires of origin etc, first widely to right continent, then to right country, to right town, district, area and group in it, so that it is easy to follow which belongs where, what kinds of things they are tuned to, what they take into account and what not, etc.

Spying people from other countries via internet or the like, isn't as likely as it sounds, since people in other climates and with other ways of life and other cultures are often impossibly difficult to understand. For example all Asians may loo the same, however widely different countries they are from and however widely different types of persons. It is also most likely a lie that Africans would not have superb social skills and spy Europeans successfully, since in Europe it is cool or cold and so all European ways produce lots of heat which is impossible to bear in Africa and even in air conditioned rooms very far from the natural ways of living which they are in Europe. So most likely spies are from one's own climate, but then too cultural differencies and differencies in real interests produce very different pictures of the world and different ways of living suited to taking care of different areas of life, and so it is difficult to understand other groups if one oneself isn't fond of their interests. Also if an African would come to Europe and spy Europeans, he or she would suffer from the cool and cold and most propably be constantly ina flu and stupid because of that and without shared way of life which would tell what is what. People of the same group as you and people with same interests as you, maybe with such background as you are are the ones who understand you most correct."

Mutta kovin vierasmaalainen voisi haluta korvata ison ryhmän eurooppalaisia omanmaalaisillaan, jotka esiintyisivät näinä, esim. tuhannen Facebookissa ystäviksi ja lähipiiriksi ilmoittautuneen ja tekemisistään kertneen joukon, niin ei olisi tuttuja ihmettelemässä vaan uusi ihmistyyppi tai suuntautuminen.

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